jewelry care

Please be aware that with most costume jewelry, it can tarnish over time and needs to be cared for properly to extend it's life.

The majority of my pieces are natural semi precious stones and crystals that go through an electroforming process. This involves a thick copper build up and a gold or rhodium (Non-Tarnish silver mirror finish) electroplating finish.

Please make sure to take the following steps to keep your u.l.s.m.b. jewelry looking it's best:

  • Put your jewelry on after applying lotions, spraying perfume, hairspray, etc. as these can tarnish the piece.
  • To clean your jewelry use a very small amount of mild soap (ex: Dawn) and water and gently apply with a soft bristle brush. Dry off immediately with a soft cloth or towel.
  • Do not immerse jewelry in water - remove jewelry when bathing, showering, swimming, washing hands and dishes, cleaning, etc..
  • Remove jewelry before rigorous activities such as exercising. 
  • Do not store your jewelry in your bathroom. Hot and steamy places are no place for your jewelry as this will either strip the plating much faster or tarnish the metal.
  • Be gentle with your jewelry and it will love your for a long time. <3

Jewelry is fragile (especially when it involves natural crystals and gemstones) and accidents do happen... if you've taken all precautions listed above pertaining to jewelry care and your jewelry does break, I will be happy to fix it for you free of charge (minus shipping). Please contact me for more details; depending on the circumstances, there may be a charge involved in addition to shipping charges.