Floral Smudge Wands

Floral Smudge Wands

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These bundles are beautiful and smell incredible. Use them to manifest all the beautiful things in your life. Each wand contains several herbs and flowers.

Rose - Love, Beauty, Protection, Self Confidence, Luck, Happy Home, Divination, Lasting Relationships & Healing a Broken Heart

Statice Flowers - Remembrance, Unlocking Your Subconscious, Dream State

Mint - Energy, Business Prosperity, Repel Enemies, Ward Off Evil, Psychic Powers, Purification, Sleep, Love, Healing, Communication, Break Spells, Hexes & Jinxes

Rosemary - Protection, Love, Lust, Purification, Healing, Sleep, Mental Powers, Memory & Focus, Exorcism, & Youth

Catnip - Love, Beauty, Happiness, Cat Magick, Luck, Attract Good Spirits, Release Bad Habits

Lavender - Fertility, Relaxation, Uplifting, Sharpens Mind, Memory, Purification, Blessings, Strengthens Pure Love, & Luck

Oregano - Happiness, Tranquility, Luck, Health, Protection, Letting Go of a Loved One, Deepen Love, Joyful Occasions, Joy, Strength, Energy & Vitality

Sage - Immortality, Longevity, Wisdom, Protection, Self Purification, Mental Health, Emotional Health, Wishes, Heal Loss

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