Lunar Love Amulet

Lunar Love Amulet


Live by the moon, love by the moon. This darling Rose Quartz point with a Triple Goddess symbol adorning its 6 facets will take up some sweet real estate while embracing your neck in a warm hearted hug. 

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and aids with compassion and peace. The Triple Goddess symbolizes Maiden, Mother and Crone as the lunar cycle and the energy surrounding the waxing, full and waning phases of the moon. 

•Handmade in the USA
•Rose Quartz Generator Crystal Point
•18" Tripled Gold Filled Chain
•24k Gold Plated Electroformed Copper
•Stones will vary in size (1"-1.5"), shape and color.
•Made to order. Ships in 2-3 weeks.
•Handle with care. Keep away from water, humidity, chemicals, etc. 

*Also available in copper, black patina and rhodium (non tarnish silver mirror finish).


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