Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone

Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone


Lapis Lazuli is a a stone of truth, communication, knowledge, inner vision and purposeful intention. This stone activates and opens the throat and third eye chakras allowing you to communicate well and gain insight and learn truths, connecting you with the higher realm. This stone is linked to the sign of Sagittarius, which stands for expansion and truth seeking. Balancing the throat chakra, lapis will help you communicate your personal truth, promoting self awareness, and if repressed anger is causing difficulties in communication, it it releases this. 

Lapis Lazuli enhances psychic abilities, dreamwork and enlightenment. A grounding stone that aides in focus, and intellectual ability. This is a great stone for enhancing the intuitive senses,  and promoting clarity in your dreams. 

*Each stone is intuitively picked just for you.

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