Illumination Ritual Candle (Sagittarius New Moon)

Illumination Ritual Candle (Sagittarius New Moon)

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Illuminate and uncover all the dark recesses of your soul. This candle will help you to be honest with yourself about what you truly want. Bring the most important things in your life to light, allowing the rest to be discarded for effortless flight of that purposeful arrow you will be shooting into the new year. It’s time to be honest with yourself and start living your truth. 

New Moons are the perfect time for welcoming new beginnings into our lives. When a fresh moon cycle has just begun, the energy in the air is buzzing with possibilities. The moon passes through each sign allowing you to tap into the personality surrounding it.  This month on December 7, the New Moon will be in Sagittarius, providing you with the energy to illuminate the the things you keep hidden away, bringing them to the surface. This kind of clarity allows you to understand yourself, your needs and your true soul purpose. 


This 7 Day Made To Order Ritual Candle has everything you need to cast your spell and connect with the Universe to manifest your future destiny and become the person you have always dreamed you would be.

  • Choose Size: Small (3.5") or Large (8")

  • 3 or 7 Day Ritual Candle

  • Citrus and Herbaceous Essential Oils (Bergamot (fights depression and elevates moods), Sweet Orange (promotes happiness and action), Neroli (for self purification, courage and luck) & Spikenard (ancient spiritual oil from India that connects you to your spiritual truth))

  • Topped with Special Wish Fulfillment Moon Magick Blend of Botanicals and Herbs (Chamomile, Linden Flower, Catnip, Skullcap, Nutmeg, etc.)

  • Includes a Carnelian Crystal (Carnelian promotes courage, prosperity, luck, and a driven, purposeful happy life)

  • Spell Included on Back of Candle

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  • Made To Order - Ships Prior To New Moon

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*Please order by December 1 to ensure on time delivery. (U.S. Priority Orders only. Cannot guarantee ground shipping or international order.)

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