Custom Ritual Candle

Custom Ritual Candle

from 35.00

Are you in need of a specific spell? Not sure what you need exactly? Let me custom design a ritual candle for what ails you. From the scent to the crystal, down to the herbs and the spell, every little bit will be customized to fit your need. 

Each customized Ritual Candle includes the following:

  • Choose Size: Small (3.5") or Large (8")
  • 3 (Small) or 7 (Large) Day Ritual Candle 
  • Custom Scent
  • Custom Special Blend of Herbs & Botanicals w/ Magickal Properties
  • Custom Crystal 
  • Customized Spell Included on Back of Candle
  • Please contact me if shipping is crazy. I'll do my best to get the best rate.  (



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