Citrine Claw Foot Copper Cauldron Dish

Citrine Claw Foot Copper Cauldron Dish


Who wouldn't love this adorable little guy? He's a hard worker and will coddle anything you give him with so much love and tender care. He's good at holding all kinds of things such as crystals, smudging tools, secret wishes written on pieces of paper, really anything small enough for this little guy with a big heart. A perfect gift for the entrepreneur or go-getter in your life, as his little citrine feet are well intentioned and act as a success imbued charging station for all your metaphysical tools and ritual needs. 

  • Hand Forged Copper Bowl
  • 3 Natural Raw Citrine Points aka Tiny Golden Feet
  • Electroformed Copper To Reinforce It's Sturdy Shape
  • Comes With: 
    • Magick Wood Burned Palo Santo Stick
    • Mini Sage Bundle Smudge Stick
    • 1 Kyanite Crystal
  • 2" Diameter Circle (Roughly)
  • 1.25" In Height (Again... roughly)
  • Ready To Ship
  • Handmade In The USA

© Design is copyright of Unicorns Love Sugar Moonbeams

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