welcome darling unicorns!

For those who want to reach higher vibrations and look savage while doing it, you've come to the right place. Here you will find sparkly wonders of the earth that I can only take credit for enjoying as much as the next person. Some of these divine earth specimens are made into lovely wearables and others are for sitting pretty on a shelf or for keeping close by on your bedside table or sacred space. These creations are unique and full of good energy and crystal vibrations to cure what ails you or just put a smile on your pretty face. 

I hope you find your very own special crystal Moonbeam that speaks to your heart just so, that you can't imagine living without it. 

love, light & moonbeams,


Mother of moonbeams



My name is Crystal and I am the visionary and creator behind Unicorns Love Sugar Moonbeams. Yes, Crystal is my real name and if you have ever heard of a show called Dynasty you would know I was named after the good one (although the spelling is different). I have been creating things all my life, from painting and drawing to knitting and photography. I attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago but actually dropped out just like famed artist Edward Gorey so I don't feel too bad about following in his footsteps. At SAIC I studied fashion accessory design, fashion illustration and photography. I have taken some basic metalsmithing classes but am a mostly self taught jewelry designer. I have always held a deep fascination for all things occult and magickal and enjoy many forms of divination. I seek inspiration from nature, the cosmos, tarot, magick, and beloved cult classic movies as well as literature that speaks to my soul.